Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wow, It Seems to be Working

After just 2 days, I have to say, the Unforgettables supplement seems to be phenomenal.

Yesterday and today, not only have I been able to breeze through my engineering work 10 times faster, I can control my mind better, keeping my thoughts pure and true, making my outlook brighter and my worthiness of the companionship of the Lord increased.

Purely anecdotal, folks, purely anecdotal.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unforgettables for Cognitive Health

I started taking Unforgettables today.

I thought I would try it out because of my increased workload as an engineer and my upcoming PE exam and the studying for which I need to do. Unforgettables is a Melaleuca dietary supplement that targets the brain.

So far, I find it slows my work. It helps me to focus and immerse to think about the technical problems of my clients, which in turn enhances my creative juices and before you know it, I have new ideas for inventions popping into my head and distracting me from the work at hand.

Guess I'll keep using it!

More on this later; I barely took some so this is not a serious post. I don't really know how much it helped today. It's hard to tell without a long steady use, because as an engineer, some days I cannot even spell my name and other days I can work wonders, and it is all subject to various factors. Add the supplement to the equation and it's just one more factor. Over time, I will be able to tell how much it helps me. Diabetes has made me a pretty able listener to my body.

Still, the fact remains that my brain is far more active and sharp today than it has been in a long time.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Perhaps My All-Encompassing Thing

So far, the more I learn and realize about Melaleuca, the more excited I become. I've been at it about 2 years. I think that says a lot about the company.

e-mail with brother john

Frank Vandersloot thinks about this all the time and takes the Jesus approach, i.e., tries to use his best powers of persuasion on the successful builders in Melaleuca. Moreover, in Melaleuca, there is no such thing as a downline. Only pyramid schemes have that.

A downline is similar to how you sit at the top of a mountainside and throw a rock down that causes a big rock slide. At the bottom of the hill, no more rocks can move. Many are buried and nowhere to go. In Melaleuca, you are paid for advertising and helping and supporting others who want to do the same. It is a lot of work and very valuable to the company. They are able to compensate well for it. Meanwhile, if you don't put a lot of work in, nothing happens. No one is ever left holding a bag. But every penny you get has been well earned; every rock that moves does so on a level surface. Every one has an equal chance for success and success only comes through support of and commitment to others.

Notice I didn't take a cheap shot and compare the Melaleuca work to smooth balls on a pool table; work in Melaleuca is generally still like working with rocks. Most do not simply roll. Real company, real business, real work.

Some MLM experienced people do not last in Melaleuca because they do not like to help others. Conversely, people who are successful in Melaleuca have only arrived by helping others, so many are inclined to listen to Frank about how to spend their money.

This is the sort of company that earns the BBB Torch Award.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Products for Sale

I have not produced any yet, but I have designed what I think are some nice soap dishes and toothbrush holders. I am going to make some and sell 'em. So look out for 'em!

How to Spray Up Under your Toilet Bowl Ledge

To spray Tub N Tile directly up under the ledge of your toilet bowl, simply remove the spray top from the bottle, then pull the tube out of it and put the sprayer back on the bottle. Now it sprays upside down. Work the trigger with your thumb. You can then put the tube back in, or leave it out and keep a different bottle for your right side up work.

If you don't have the style with which the tube pulls right out, you can dedicate the sprayer to upside down spraying and just cut it off as close as you can to the spray head.

I don't know whether everybody knows about this, or nobody; I sure never heard of it.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Renew is more awesome than I knew.

I kept telling people how it was the only thing that helped my rashes (not sure what it is - fruit rash?). Then I would keep trying other things. Duh. Then this past week, I had a raw, dry itch on my arm that was kind of bugging me and I put some on, and like never before, I could feel the effect and the healing and then of course the ailment was gone for good.

It's got tea tree oil in it, man! It ain't just the best lotion ever, it is like, Permanent Cure!

Even the lotion effect is semi permanent. I apply it and then go days, showering every day, without applying yet my skin seems like I just put it on.

My lower leg scars are looking better and better and I haven't even used comfrey with it yet - but I will. Meanwhile, my shin skin has stopped breaking, partly due to my carefulness not to bump things I'm sure, but definitely a big part due to the Renew. My skin is healthier because of a product other than comfrey - I never would have considered it.

Renew is much more effective for my rashes and things than I had realized.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Frank Vandersloot Quote

When people understand where their dollar is going and catch the spirit of doing business with each other instead of with large corporations, then, I believe we can beat the Goliaths of this world.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Put it Even Simpler

There are schemes to make a buck at gullible people's expense dressed as MLM or as traditional companies and then there are honest businesses conducted by real companies. One such real company is Melaleuca, who saw a better way to bring value to its customers through direct consumer marketing.

Melaleuca is a real company.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Renew is the Best, Revisited

So I found that my fruit rashes responded better to Renew than any other remedy. Sometimes, they just would not go away for months, until I used Renew on them.

Then I thought, "This is a lotion."

So I started mixing things like Pain-A-Trait and Melaleuca Oil, Dermacort, so on and so forth.

This week, some new rashes broke out and I discovered again that the only thing that really worked was Renew. Didn't even add any Melaleuca oil.

However, I must say, I do a lot of heavy, dirty, sweaty work, so alcohol on it first and then Renew is what I actually do. The alcohol definitely helps too.

It's not a Pyramid but a Tree - Simple Version

Melaleuca is not a pyramid. It is a tree.

Pyramids are schemes in which the higher up you are, the richer you are. The bigger the pyramid, the harder it is to lift it to put more blocks under at the bottom.

A family is like a tree or a vine. It is perpetually free to grow. The older support the younger. The younger have the same opportunities to grow and branch out as the older.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Renew is the Best Lotion in the World

Since being diabetic, the slightest tap or brush on the skin of my shins will peel the thinnest layer of skin back that you can imagine (like peeling from a sunburn).

For several hours, there is no sign of blood or redness.

Next day, it's all bloody - not running but just internal surface bleeding. Next thing you know, it develops a very thick scab that stays around (depending on how diabetic I am at the time) 3-6 weeks and leaves a permanent dark spot afterward. So my lower legs are a mass of brown skin and purple skin where it hasn't finished healing. In fact, it pretty much stays purple permanently, come to think of it.

Then comes Renew. Purple gone or going. Lubricates skin so that the peeling is much less likely to occur when scraped or bumped. Purple going away and leaving pure brown spots. But those can fade too, especially if I apply comfrey. Skin was flaky, never flaky any more after Renew, even after I wash it off. I can apply, shower 3 times and apply again.

The flakiness was apparently a condition under which the peeling was very prone to happen. Now the skin is not only lubricated, but actually has more integrity. Don't know that it's thicker, but it is stronger.

Climbed a mulberry tree today and had my fill of berries. Was wearing shorts. Watched as bark and branches scraped my lower legs but did no damage.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Melaleuca is a Tree, not a Pyramid

I have been guilty of using the word 'pyramid' when describing the Melaleuca business model, referring to the tree form of compensation. I thought MLM described the bad kind of pyramid and Direct Consumer Marketing (Melaleuca) the good kind of pyramid.

Well, I don't really know whether there is a universally correct nomenclature, but I am becoming familiar with the concepts.

I know of 2 basic differences between Melaleuca and legitimate MLMs: 1 - In Melaleuca, you enroll to buy products directly from the company, not the person who enrolled you, whereas in a legit MLM, you buy products from the person. So in the MLM, it's about selling products as a distributor and in Melaleuca, it's about referral compensation, giving the independent agent a percentage based on all purchases of the referral for as long as the referral continues their enrollment. 2 - Melaleuca ensures that your downline cannot simply pick up and move out from under you, leaving you to start over, no matter how big your business you built. Other companies lack such rules.

As I understand it, the basic difference between legitimate network marketing and a fraud is, the legit network serves to spread the word of mouth about the company, eliminating advertising costs and allowing competitive prices and value, and encourages help and support of new businesses from older ones. Because of the value in the product, opportunity for new business is as great as the old. Fraudulent "companies" typically have no real product and use a funnel (pyramid) simply to flow money from as many people as possible to one or a few. This scenario is like any funnel - you pour something in and it all goes through, leaving nothing at the big end of the funnel. You could also liken a pyramid to an Egyptian tomb wherein the block at the top enjoys the view at the expense of the blocks underneath. Some of these schemes are more disguised as legit companies than others. The less disguised schemes simply play on peoples' greed and willingness to gamble they will move up in the pyramid before it burns out. They use hype to quickly make their money. But disguised or not, these are illegal.

The National District Attorneys Association calls the fraudulent schemes "pyramids," and the legitimate companies "MLMs." Melaleuca likes to call itself neither, mainly (I think) because its members do not buy or carry inventory or invest significantly. In any case, one mark of a legitimate company is the ease in quitting whenever one desires, whether they can simply drop membership not having made an investment (only purchases with which they are satisfied) or have their inventory bought back by the company.

I have yet to know the details of the Melaleuca business. There is a lot more to it than I describe here. But money doesn't just go to one person in Melaleuca and it doesn't flow all the way to the top. They have it worked out to compensate generously and fairly according to one's role in the marketing success, as in any good and legitimate company.

So I made a mistake. I take it back from everyone to whom I ever said it was a pyramid but different. It is not a pyramid at all. It is more like a tree.

Think of a family tree. There are 2 ways to see a family as a tree. One is the usual genealogical diagram that shows you as the trunk and all your ancestors as the branches. In other words, your ancestors branch out as you go back in time. Another way to look at it is the way your posterity branches out (hopefully, but not in all cases) from you and your spouse, going forward in time. In this scheme, the parents and grandparents support and nurture the new branches as they sprout and grow skyward. The parents and grandparents enjoy the multiplying and residual benefits as the upper branches grow. Yet the new branches have as much opportunity (all else being equal) to become rich grandparents as any of the older generations. In no case does a small branch support a heavier one.

Melaleuca is like a tree.

You may say, trees only grow so big. Okay, so the allegory is not perfect because unlike a tree, there is no foreseeable limit to Melaleuca's growth. Or maybe Melaleuca, the company, will die some day. If it does, no one will be burned. The worst that could happen is my residual income could go away after all that hard work. But I would still have what I had received thus far, including the glad experience of said work and the personal growth there gained.

I am no expert, I am still learning. But I know people first hand who got pretty far into an MLM before finding out it wasn't structured the way they had been led to believe and they lost everything overnight - and that was in a "legit" MLM. As far as I know, that is virtually impossible in Melaleuca.

I think a lot of people are creeped out by direct marketing because it's unconventional or involves sales people who infiltrate into the community. People are conditioned to think of it as some kind of cult thing. But really, it is the mark of a free capitalist society and has been around forever. What a wonderful thing to be able to produce a product and just go out and sell it to anyone any way you can reach them! Our government continues to lay on more red tape to burden us as time goes on, but still basically lets us venture this way. Take Watkins Company or Fuller Brush for example. Just a fine line of high quality products sold by sales people, door to door. Watkins has been around more than 100 years. Awesome. America.

As Melaleuca founder (or whatever his title is) Frank L. Vandersloot says, there is nothing wrong with business.

Store or door to door. Equally legit. Equally prone to unscrupulous sales tactics and schemes. But I see more bad deals in the stores these days than on the street. Sensationalist advertising, high price and low quality abound these days. Our landfills are filling up faster than they should.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Customers

Lots of new customers, after a few months, begin to feel like they are buying more than they need. They have the latent mentality that they would be spending less if they didn't have their 35-point commitment - just because it is a hard-wired commitment.

Precious few (no one to whom I ever gave a presentation) can tell me what they do spend without shopping at Melaleuca, so it is difficult to tell whether they are saving money or what. Some sign up without ever trying it out. Some who feel they are spending too much quit, which is easy to do. Others take a hard look at it and say:

I pay way too much to have a shiny car. It costs more than it is worth. I pay dearly to get my face and hair right. I like to treat myself every week by paying an exorbitant price just for some nice atmosphere and someone to cook for me and serve me. So why not pay a REASONABLE price for luxurious products for my personal care? Why not pay a REASONABLE price for superior consumer goods that make my home life as enjoyable as the moment in the restaurant? Why give it all to the automakers and the junk makers?

And those who want to become millionaires by saving every penny physically (if not humanly) possible are encouraged to quit and move on. Do what you want to do - we do not begrudge it. You have a good reason and you do not need to tell us what it is. Free country; let's keep it that way.

But Isn't there Something Wrong With Free Money Forever?

My referrals sign up with Melaleuca, shop there the rest of their lives and I get paid every month for that as long as they do so without lifting a finger - isn't that like gambling or something? Money for nothing?

Hmmm. Isn't the regular grind more ethical? Isn't traditional marketing more ethical? Let's see. I spend a ton of money on a regular basis to shout cute non-sense and my brand name at you every day. With the money I have left over, I make my product you will buy. You will buy it because you heard me shout the name. And maybe you even believed (without paying much attention) the little embellishments I told along with it. You and I pay the marketing people to do this for us.

Compare that to a company that cuts all that out and says, instead of just shouting our name and telling a few embellishments, and then fattening the wallet of the people that help us do it, we will inform and educate by word-of-mouth, and then with all the money we save, we can reward each customer who has the gumption to tell their friend or neighbor about us by forever paying them a percentage of what that friend or neighbor ever spends. That way, we will be helping people, offering them real value and being kind to our environment forever. We are a good company that way, so it will be good for us to stay in business forever.

Moreover, as time goes on and we grow, other companies will notice and try to compete with us by attempting to offer value for a change. Those who succeed will only make our society better. But for now, we do not have any competition but the traditional marketing because we are so far ahead of the other natural product companies in our research and development - decades, in fact.

The Gist of Melaleuca

By direct marketing (cutting out advertising and middlemen), Melaleuca not only pays its customers, it makes superior products affordable.

Tide depends on Walmart shelf space to survive. Walmart demands perceived quality and low price at the same time from its suppliers. The suppliers, who also pay big for advertising, are forced to water-down and cheapen their products to profit. Yet Walmart demands Tide to increase its concentration. That is why Tide recently did so. They made it 2x concentrated compared to Melaleuca's 6x. But it still contains stuff you wouldn't want in your house or ground water, wears out your clothes (causes lint), doesn't clean as well as Mela Power, etc.

People essentially commit to buy Tide or something of lesser value every month and all the advertising that goes with it. They do so without realizing it because it is traditional marketing. It seems like they are free not to buy from the store regularly, but what are they gonna do - wash their clothes with something home-made? Something from the co-op that is less effective and costs more? Something on-line that they have to go searching for, that is less effective and costs more? Not when they can get it all at one place, pay the same or less as the store and get the superior brand in virtually every product.

We have been regular customers for 5 years, unemployed for 2 of them. We pay less than we used to and we never get behind in nor ahead of our Melaleuca 35-point commitment. Depending on their lifestyle, many single people can say the same - especially if they are into superior vitamins and supplements. When 8 of your friends sign up, you get it free anyway.

Direct marketing also enables Melaleuca to stay in the black as they pay cash for all of their state-of-the-art research and facility capital. No other company does that. It spells "staying power."

Friday, May 21, 2010

How I Feel By Now about the Business

Sharon and I have been preferred customers for about 5 years now. Roughly a year ago, or has it been longer (?), I said to myself (after being laid off), "This could be a kick, and it might make me a better sharer of Good News." "I don't care what it is, I can just present it for what it is and see who is interested."

My first goal (which I thought would be amazing to reach) was to realize one enrollment my first year. Instead, we became Directors.

I loved the work at first. I developed my own mentality toward it. My philosophy is, enjoy the people, don't worry about whether they enroll or even listen, just enjoy talking to them and make your primary goal to make them glad they talked to you after you walk away. That makes the feeling mutual. Same thing when I give a presentation. Then, some will want to enroll, and some won't, and they don't even need to tell me why.

It brought an easy, relaxed yet strong excitement to me whenever I was working the business.

When I learned more about the business, I realized there was nothing wrong about it. People are being sold a "bill of goods" every day..we buy all kinds of junk at the store and other places that just don't have the value we we were led to believe and conditioned to hook into, growing up. 'Scam' may be too strong a word for these (but not for some), but the marketing ploys, little white lies and products that harm or disappoint (like when they break in the store parking lot as you are walking to your car) are definately below board compared to Melaleuca. Waaaay below. In fact, the more you notice, you see that there is a preciously light handful of businesses out there as ethical and delivering value as Melaleuca.

And I had an absolute blast going to meetings and convention. Thanks to convention in Orlando last year, to which I rode a Greyhound Bus (you can't believe how L O N G that trip), I shared it with a 30-year-old guy who became my traveling buddy. Long story short, he hasn't enrolled yet, but he did hook up with the missionaries at my suggestion, and attended every session of General Conference and was convinced of what it was! But then he became very ill and I have not heard from him and do not know where he is. Anyway....

Then, although I wanted to keep up on it, I was just plain unable after I went to work plowing snow in an effort to get off Unemployment Comp ASAP. The hours were long and it was all I could do. Six months zipped by before I realized I had done hardly any new business. But mentally, I stayed with it. Still, when I tried to get it going again, amidst trying to build another business, I wasn't in the mood so much and still had trouble finding the time to focus. I even started to lose the vision I had before, seeing the whole thing as hmmmm, not as amazing and noble as I had thought? Yet why was it we couldn't dream of losing the products we enjoy?

Today, jaded old vet that I am, it is amazing how I still get the same confidence and enjoyment when I work the business as when it was new. I guess that proves Melaleuca as a company and a business is a good seed.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting the Most from Dental Care Products

For the most pleasing after effects, rinse briefly with a little of the mouth rinse and then floss and brush with the tooth polish.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Joint Pain

I haven't had a need, but it must be good because Replenex is Melaleuca's No. 1 seller.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I won't pretend to know much about this line, but the main point is, your skin, like your digestive tract, is an organ and it absorbs things. So you don't want to put cosmetics on your skin unless they are safe and free of things linked to breast cancer. Nicole Miller's line of cosmetics for Melaleuca are worry free. That's all I know. Oh, except that their face-in-a-bottle works as good as any and is much cheaper than the department store for the top of the line stuff.

Other Cleaners

I love to mop. I love using Mela Magic instead of chem plant floor cleaners.

I love to clean with Tough n Tender. No worries. Enjoy.

Tub n Tile is great. Removes soap scum and rust and other hard water deposits. Slightly acidic to the touch but won't scare you. Works great.

These things are great contributors to the quality of life improvement I talked of. I love to clean and I am so happy not to be using harsh chemicals to do it any more.

We tried safe and bio-, earth-friendly cleaners before and were disappointed when we saw they were not even half as effective as the popular store brands. So I was skeptical for a long time after Sharon started using the Melaleuca cleaners. But eventually, I started trying them and saw for myself that they were better than 409, Lime Away, Simple Green, etc. And non-toxic to boot!

What about Deodorant?


I use a salt crystal. They don't sell 'em.

But if you like a traditional stick, it is important not to put those harmful chemicals under your arms!! Melaleuca has traditional sticks that won't harm you. And although I don't use sticks any more, and my wife liked the stuff Melaleuca used to offer but not the stuff they offer now, I do know that the Melaleuca sticks are better than the Jason brand - and how!

What about ACNE n'at?

My kids like the acne treatment products, but I personally find the gold bar and the melaleuca oil sufficient for my needs. The gold bar cleans my pores like no other thing. I put a drop of melaleuca oil on any zit one time only and next day it's making other plans and the day after, it's pretty much left town.

What about shampoo?

I have dry, red hair. I use the herbal shampoo. Like it's effect and everything as much as any other shampoo I ever had, but what I really like is the absence of worrisome or proven harmful ingredients. And like the gold bar, I can use it as often as I like without worrying about drying out or frying my hair. I also use the Envia conditioner with it, and sometimes I use the hair gel.

Renew Lotion

I can live without this one.

It's only the very best by far by far by far hand lotion there ever was. But I don't need hand lotion, so never mind.

And who cares if it seems to be the only thing that helps my fruit rashes heal? I can get by.

They say it is the final word in curing severe skin conditions like eczema, but I don't suffer from those.

It's good for putting into raw wounds to keep them soft so they don't keep cracking open and stuff, and promotes their healing. I don't do that. I just let 'er crack and heal, crack and heal. Harrumpgh.

Why More Effective?

Melaleuca pays the customer to do its advertising.

But they keep some of the money from eliminating ad agencies and middlemen for something else:

research and development so that they can pretty much guarantee the very best product in terms of Green, safety and effectiveness. A natural outcome of this is occasional products that do not even have a comparable competitor! A few examples are Sol-U-Guard, Sol-U-Mel, Oligo vitamins and Access Performance Bars.

I already went over what sets Sol-U-Guard apart. Sol-U-Mel is like Goo-Gone but works better and does more. But what really sets it apart is, it is non-toxic. Oligo vitamins, although in tablet form, are (get this) SOLUBLE and ABSORBABLE! And Access is a nifty little invention that makes you burn fat first when you work out. Pretty exciting stuff (even though I never had any fat to speak of).


The laundry products were almost a Must-Have, but since I hear that Amway has a really great laundry soap too, I suppose I could survive without MelaPower.

It is a definite improvement in our quality of life around here to have laundry that does not smell like a perfume/caustic soda factory and that is cleaner than any laundry we ever had before, hard water or no. And with peace of mind that it doesn't eat away at our clothes or expose us to harmful chemicals.

And it's cheaper than popular name brands by far. Safe, yet far more effective, and comparable or cheaper price. That's the gist of Melaleuca.

The "far more effective" is the part that is hard to believe, even after you see it. You get used to the idea over time. Some customers take quite a while before they even dare test it out. They keep the old products to use them up and get their money's worth and some never get around to trying out the good stuff. Hmmmm. What was the point of enrolling??

Yellow Toe Nails & Black Toe Nail Mold

Hope I'm not getting too personal here, but in the last few years, I have had a little problem with that mold that the doctor says can only be killed off by taking an internal medication because the mold comes from inside the body or something like that.

I had tried putting bleach under my toe nails. The doctor laughed at me and said, no that would never work and she was right.

But I did find 2 sure-fire ways to kill the mold quick and dead gone dead. They both work independently, but can be done together. Method 2 is much quicker. They are extremely effective whether the mold is turning your nails yellow or black mold is appearing at the edges near the root of the nail or even on the face of the nail, and eating holes into the nail or not.

1 Go barefoot all the time and in the sun like I did until I was about 30 years old and got a full-time desk job.

2 Put Melaleuca Oil on and under your toe nails.

I also noticed that prevention has a lot also to do with shoes. I had to throw away a pair of New Balance running shoes because wearing them only for a half an hour seemed to bring on the mold. Other shoes, no problem. So I got rid of one or two pair, and reduced the time spent in some of my cheaper shoes.

My Must-Have No. 5

Liquid Moisturizing Soap.

First off, I only use the moisturizing soap because I don't believe in anti-bacterial soap; isn't that like the people who take too many antibiotics too often? So that the bacteria build and overcome it?

The moisturizing soap is awesome because:

a) far cheaper than Soft Soap

b) not stinky like Soft Soap and others

c) cleans better - I usually don't even use my mechanics' hand cleaners any more because I have this stuff.

d) wash your little hands all day long. go ahead; they just won't dry out. Nor will they feel the least bit greasy.

Tip: DO NOT, REPEAT NOT, USE TOO MUCH. Do not use anything but the pump bottle designed for this soap. It is very concentrated. Often it is better even to use half a stroke from the proper pump. spread it on good - you won't even know it's there when you do. Then add just a few drops of water and lather and scrub or rub. Then rinse. This is what you do for far best results. Use too much, and it is just more to rinse off.

Must-Have No. 3

Gold Bar.

I shave with it. Never had a better shave. Never.

I bath with it. Dang, I almost forgot what it used to be like (especially in Winter), being a redhead using other soap, until we ran out of Gold once, and I had to go back and use some other french milled high-end "moisturizing" soap. Man, funny smell, and skin? Dry????? Oh man, DRY. ITCHY and DRY.

Oh, man - Gold Bar.

Love the way it goes on and rinses, too. And it really cleared up my skin along with eating right and just letting my body take care of itself for once. Awesome.

My Must-Have No. 4

Everybody hates putting sticky slime on their skin on a hot day, right? Most believe in sun block, but hooo, you kind of have to center and focus not to mind putting it on, right?

Well, at least with Melaleuca sun block, you

a) don't have to smell funny (I truly think you'll like the smell and perhaps even the feel over any other brand)

b) don't have to worry about what's in it that might be soaking into your skin

and it works! Melaleuca products are simply enjoyable. They improve your quality of life. They almost always work much more effectively than any other brand.

My Must-Have No. 2

I do cinnamon mouth rinse prior to brushing because it acts like, but seems to do a better job than Plax in loosening plaque.

Not only that, it enhances the after-taste and after-effect and feel that I get from using either the cinnamon or the Fresh Mint (green cap) tooth polish that lasts all day. I never get sick of it because it is so subtle.

Every other product I ever used made my mouth feel like it either just got the chalk treatment or the chemical plant treatment. Some were worse than others, but they all generally settled down into bad breath and/or cottonmouth after an hour or two. Colgate used to make me barf if I ate something too soon after using it. Hoooo boy!

Melaleuca mouthwash is also so effective that you can use it after oral surgery instead of that chemical (forget what it's called) they give a prescription for that was developed to "kill every last freakin' little germ (good or bad) in your mouth." I got permission from my above-average super dentist, Michael Eisenberg to use it and it did the job. For some procedures, they do not want you to use a mouthwash, in which cases I don't use it - just salt water.

However, I must warn and admit, the Melaleuca mouth rinse is too hot, too powerful. I have to use it only briefly or water it down a little more than what they recommend.

Must-Have No. 1


Imagine a spray, non-aerosol, that was cheaper than Lysol spray, yet more effective in killing all kinds of germs, more than Lysol.

Now throw in that it doesn't stink and is totally safe to spray on your kitchen cutting board - while you're using it!

Add to that, no harmful chemicals and no harsh odors to try to mask the odor of whatever you are spraying - a spray many times more effective than stinky Lysol in eliminating odors 100%!

How could anyone ever ignore such a product??

Never mind that it kills and repels wasps and hornets, even after it has dried and they try coming around again. And what a great product for (together with a terry cloth) cleaning and making fresh an old mattress!

The Thing

Foremost, what I love about Melaleuca, the company, is instead of maximizing the short-term buck (just get it made and out the door, charlie, I don't care how many fish it kills or whether it breaks before the buyer can reach his car with it) and waiting for Big Brother to come and make him shape up, founder VanderSloot wanted to start out in tip-top shape by offering the greatest value possible.

We don't need Big Brother for 90% of his forced (not offered) services. But while there are short-term buck people, Big Brother has an excuse to keep sticking his fingers into the jar.

People are funny. They will pay out for quality or the appearance thereof with cars and clothes....why not enjoy quality for a reasonable cost when inside one's home? Melaleuca products are simply enjoyable. They improve your quality of life. They almost always work much more effectively than any other brand and they do not make you puke or choke or want to hold your breath.

Back in 1991, an engineer in my office commented on buying a PC for the home. Some had 'em, some didn't. His comment was, "It's like the microwave - after you get one, you wonder how you ever got along without it." That's how I feel about Melaleuca products. I am certain I could find other ways to make my home life pleasant if I didn't have Melaleuca, but every day I think how glad I am I do not have to. For example, if I had to give up the mouth rinse and toothpaste, I sure would miss that exquisite after effect that lasts all day and is nice and subtle. I would not be able to use Tom's, let alone that mainstream medicine that does a real number on your mouth, such as Colgate. I would go back to just using hot water, I suppose.


I am a Melaleucamite. That is a Melaleuca customer and Marketeer or whatever. This blog is where I sing its praises, instead of sending e-mail to my customers. Also give tips and such like.